About us
If you're thinking of a partnership, it makes sense that we get to know each other, our backgrounds and our motivations...
The background story:  

Prior to moving to Australia and commencing a Consulting career, Ed served for 8 years as a Captain in the British Infantry having commissioned from The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2001.

His military service provided him with the absolutely privilege of leading small to large teams of infantry soldiers on front-line missions all over the world  including some high profile locations such as Belfast, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prior to starting Ed Turvil Consulting, he worked for 8 years as a "Management Consultant".  His time was split between a large global consultant company and a local Australian agency.  From these roles he acquired functional experience in Team Leadership, Business Development, Client Partnering, Project Management and Project delivery.

His project delivery experience was/is predominantly across senior Talent Acquisition projects, Individual Talent Development Coaching plus the design and execution of larger projects such as Sales/Business Transformation and Culture Change solutions.

His plethora of experiences has of course been crucial to his success... which in turn stems from applied imagination, rigour and discipline... from planning through to post-execution follow up.  The added motivation to partner with client and deliver something tangible PLUS some skills such as EQ, Communication and Problem Solving have probably helped too!

Ed is described by others as a people orientated manager who is able to recognise, nurture and develop the capabilities of people. A natural leader who takes pride in being an example to others through high personal standards, diligence and professionalism.
Our Purpose:
  • To fully leverage our collective experience (and the experience of our expert network) and to truly partner with clients without the typical restrictions associated with corporate structure to enable the achievement of tangible outcomes.
  • To work with like-minded people to co-create experiences than build meaningful and sustainable, capability.
  • To make these People & Performance initiatives more accessible for small business by sharing some risk... Hence we like to discuss Performance based payment solutions... why should anyone pay for something that doesn't deliver the promised result!
Meaningfull work that delivers results...
  1. Managing Director
    Greater insight - better decisions
    Why make decisions with only a fraction of the available information.. get the data!
  2. Managing Director
    Sales Coaching - Unlocking Potential
    From under to high performing in 6 months...
  3. Recruitment
    Executive Search & Selection
    Partnered approach to Talent Acquisition & Selection...
  4. Engagement
    Culture Change - Leadership Program
    Bespoke Leadership development programs to drive increased engagement
  5. Managing Director
    Partnered Talent Acquisition - build your succession plans
    Acquiring people with potential to exceed future challenges...
  6. Managing Director
    Sustainable development - Mentoring framework
    Design and execution to deliver sustain motivation and continuous learning culture...
  7. Managing Director
    Executive Career Transition
    Step into your perfect role to realise your true potential
  8. Performance Coaching
    Small Group Leadership Coaching
    Maximising contribution and learning in a safe enviroment...